January 3, 2012
By mymakersdaughter BRONZE, Cherry Valley, Illinois
mymakersdaughter BRONZE, Cherry Valley, Illinois
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As I am sitting back and reading articles about religion and whether taking the Lord’s name in vain is right or not, I am truly amazed at how many people are, honestly, disrespectful to other’s religions. I am a Christian and strong believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible. I don’t think that taking the Lord’s name in vain is right, and I don’t appreciate hearing it. I understand that “Oh my God” and “Jesus Christ” are much-used expressions. If you turn on your TV, you will most likely hear these phrases within the first 5 minutes of watching a show. If you go to the bowling alley or the grocery store, you will probably hear these words. So should I not watch any TV shows or movies that contain those words? Should I not go to the bowling alley or grocery store? No, I’m not saying that at all. You really cannot control what other people around you are going to say. Does that mean, though, that I cannot simply ask my friends not to say that around me because I find it offensive? No. Just as you may sit back and say that it is “stupid” for me to ask you not to say those words around me, I can say that it is “stupid” or “rude” of you not to be courteous of my requests. I’m not asking you to change your whole vocabulary when you are around me. I’m not going sit there and slam my religion down your throat and tell you that everything you believe is wrong. I will just simply ask you not to say that. You may choose to stop, or you may choose not to stop; however, if you are truly my friend, you will respect me and try to stop saying that around me.

I saw a post by someone on this website that said, “The God I worship brings fear, but He is also a loving God.” I loved that post because He does bring fear, but He also loves. The only way in which we should ever be using the Lord’s name is when we are praising him and thanking him for every little thing He has given to us. Like I said above, I will not jam my religion down your throat. We live in a country where we are free to believe what we wish to believe. I respect you and your beliefs. Does it mean that I agree with them? No, but I respect them. You should also respect other’s beliefs. Is it that big of a deal to watch what words you are saying around certain people? How hard is it to just say “Oh my Gosh” instead?

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