Branded For Life

January 2, 2012
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Do brands define our lifestyles? For many youth today, the answer would be affirmative. The generation today, judge and make acquaintances with people according to the labels that adorn them or the gizmos that they own. Not only judging people but brand addiction in youth also stimulates the formation of a barrier between youth, segregating them into two groups: the cool and the uncool. The cool clique would be those who wear expensive brands and talk about things rather than ideas. An excerpt from a typical conversation would be: "UGH....did you see the shoes she's wearing? Aren't they the ughiest ever!" or "Did you go to the Bebe sale last saturday...wasn't it just FAB!" Restricted conversations about things rather than ideas render the growing child's mind and alter it into a shallow mind that at this point is simply incapable of generating ideas apart from opinions about clothes worn by a fellow student. Addiction to these brands make the youth feel important and assume that owning the latest clothes would make them rank high in the social pyramid existent in schools or colleges. Those at the bottom of the pyramid, now crave a high status and wish to break the status quo. They ultimately give into peer pressure and turn to expensive brands to heighten both their self esteem and social standing.

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