Symphony of Thought

January 1, 2012
I breathe deeply, inhaling the air that roamed about so carelessly. The purple of the sky blended in so perfectly with the rough streakes of sanguine spread about the blanket of heaven. The slight yellow cornered the orange that was in dire need to connect with the amethyst of the sky. The chill of the air around me and the vision of watching the most beautiful colours in the world entwine ran shivers through my body. Watching a sunset was as bittersweet as bidding a good friend goodbye. My best friend hated this time of the day because she feared it reminded her that all good things come to an end.
I cannot tell why everything I’ve ever done in my life seemed so worthless and futile compared to watching such pretty things entangle and blend in so unconcerned with the shallowness it was drowned in. Why could I not be that way? Was that the curse of being human?

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