The Christmas Spirit

December 31, 2011
By Nedum BRONZE, Portharcourt, Other
Nedum BRONZE, Portharcourt, Other
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Call it the Xmas fever, Xmas madness or even the Christmas Spirit like the heading here, but there’s just something about this period that intrigues me. And though I can’t really pinpoint it, I really can’t explain or figure what motivates most people into the Christmas Spirit.
Even non-Christians can feel and sometimes join in this great period of ecstasy; from the splendor of decorations at stores and public places to the new and smiling faces on the streets and the excessive show of kindness and love, Christmas is definitely hard to miss.
Christmas is the celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Dec 25 to be precise, though we can’t exactly say he was born that day). It commemorates his birth and the coming to pass of a prophecy that a Savior will be born (though most have forgotten this fact). Actually at first Christians celebrated Christmas alongside pagans who had their pagan ritual to the god of Saturn in a festival called Saturnalia, but right now, Christmas is a mad rush for all; a period of unnecessary expensive buying and glamour. It is also a time when people have fun, give gifts, eat and relax (and gain weight).
Christians all over the world respect the fact that Christmas is a period to reflect and think about Christ, the others, what motivates them?
It doesn’t help that Christmas is celebrated towards the end of the year, and a week to New Year where people can just put the stress, frustration and emotions of the past eleven months into 2weeks.

The author's comments:
Just noticed the whole hubbub about Christmas.

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