The Middle Party

December 20, 2011
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The normal themes of the world remain in the constriction of light and darkness, good and evil, poor and rich. The imminent question consistently and frequently arises, “What is in between”? The increasing contrasts of the world submerges this question in a pool of doubts. However, the world has come to the age when there is always something in between.

The best example available is capitalism. Furthermore, the capitalism of the U.S. shows evidence of something in between. There has always been the middle class, neither poor nor wealthy. Somehow that idea or that population in the middle always has to suffer, pay for the deeds of the superior and the inferior. Now suppose a question is posed, "Is it possible for a world to consist of only the middle man"? Obviously, this would mean that all would be considered equal, which brings upon the idea of a utopia.

Even modern computer logic poses this exact issue. Boolean logic states two possible ways that a statement can be evaluated with, true or false. However, there must be something in between, a statement may not always be true or false, resulting in a undefined state.

Why do utopias always struggle to achieve equality? Perhaps the real world is not meant to be equal. Slowly and tirelessly, as we age as a race, the dividing line rapidly expands with utmost clarity, for there will always remain those in between. Overtime, the middle class will subside, dividing into a smaller and smaller portion of the world, but they will remain, through them the poor will know, and through them the rich will know.

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