December 24, 2011
I remember, back in those good old days, when our heights were measures by the heights of our desks. When we would sit in class learning the hardest part of what we knew as our A,B,C’s, mastering the pronunciation of the L,M,N,O,P without getting so tongue tied we can no longer speak. How knowing how to spell Mississippi was the coolest way to show off our brains to our peers.

I remember everything. Our simple goals for life that were always assigned to us by those whose height and age towered above our own. Our innocent wishes of toys and games. Our nightmares that caused tears that would shock our former relaxed body awake. And our dreams…Our dreams…

As we grow, we change. Everything, changes. Nothing at all stays the same, nothing. Our world grows so large and hungry that it swallows many in its path. Our eyes open a little more each year only to see this terrible sight., each year, each hour and life changing moment. As our world grows, so do our minds. Our goals grow more difficult to reach. Our wishes grow more into pleads of salvation from things such as life and love. Our nightmares grow more frightening and realistic. And our dreams…our dreams. They become preferred. We begin to wish for the moon so we can get back to our perfect world of peace, happiness and love. Our dreams, once just movies in our head, are now so much more than that. They have grown to be the world we hop, dream and anticipate to come. So dream baby, and dream loud so this baffled world can hear.

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