The Little Things in Life

December 22, 2011
Taking a deep breath the smells come rushing to me. The musty smell of wet leaves is all around. The grass waves a slight hello to me. Leaves come falling down to the bright, yellow ground, rustling and fluttering as they are picked up by the trotting people. Everything that is around me is peaceful. Pine tree provide protection from the melting rays of the sun. Trees are rustling, enjoying themselves in the sunny day.
Bugs chirp their songs, enjoying their last month before the cold months. Cracked stones are under the rustling carpet. The vines are clinging to the wall, beckoning every person to climb to the top, wanting the red and green to be admired. Birds sing to their hearts desire, making music that nothing can compare to. Students chatter is off in the distance, mixed in with the orchestra of sounds that is all around.
Clouds glide by, wanting to see everything that is below them. A plane soars by, reflecting the light of the sun. The smell of food disrupts my thoughts, and brings me back to reality. When it is time to leave, there is only one thing I want, it is more time. A second, a minute or even an hour more to enjoy what is there, especially the ability to think without disruption. The peaceful courtyard is where everyone can relax and let the time pass.

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