Just a Dream

December 7, 2011
I was awake in bed, but I didn´t want to leave my warm and comfortable bed. I looked over to check the time. The hour hand was on the nine and the minute hand was in between the five and the ten. I slowly began to climb out of bed. I grabbed some clothes and a towel and headed towards the bathroom and showered. I had finished taking a shower, and I walked back towards my bedroom feeling fresh. I reached my room and couldn´t believe what I had just seen. There was a woman I have never seen lying in my bed. She saw me standing in the door way. Then she said, “How´d you sleep honey?”
My only response was, “I had a good night sleep” I didn´t know what to think at the moment.

I was trying to think of what had happened and why it had happened. I couldn´t believe my eyes, and everything was a blur. I walked to my computer when I hesitated a bit. Was this really happening? That was the question I was asking myself when I hesitated. I sat down at the computer and looked at the screen for a good thirty seconds. Everything seemed to be normal from what I remembered. I looked closer, and the screen said the date was May fifth, 2028. Where had time gone? I clicked on the internet icon and searched for Facebook. I typed in my email and passwords that I had remembered. Facebook didn´t look the way it had in the past. I closed the internet window, and left the computer and walked back to the living room.

I was nervous to enter the living room and heard noises coming from the kitchen. It sounded like two boys, and a girl eating breakfast. One boy was about five years old, and the other was eight. The girl seemed to be about six years old. I began to make my way to the kitchen. I saw two boys playing around with their food, and one girl eating her food. I had seen the woman I saw sleeping in my bed at the kitchen sink washing some plates.
She turned around and said “Your breakfast is on the table dear. Go sit down and eat.”
She was beautiful and made every girl I’ve been with look like nothing compared to her. Her eyes shined like the finest diamond on this earth. She also had beautiful blonde hair. She was in real good shape and was only slightly shorter than I was. I sat down at the table and began eating scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I looked at the two boys and noticed they looked a lot like the woman and I.
I looked at them and said, “Stop messing around and eat your breakfast.” I then turned my attention to the girl who had finished eating and asked, “Have you finished your breakfast?”
She responded, “Yes Daddy, I’m done eating.” I couldn´t believe what she had said. The little girl called me daddy. I didn´t know what to think. The girl was my daughter, so that meant that the two boys were also mine.

I approached the woman that was washing plates at the sink and asked “What’s your name?”
She gave me a funny look and said, “My name is Lisa” I then asked her what the names of our children were. She looked at me and said, “Who are you, and what have you done with Jesus? Our first boy’s name is Enrique. We named our second boy after you. Don´t you remember? We named him after you. Our girl´s name is Nicole.”
Then I said, “How long have we been married?”
She then said “We´ve been married for eight amazing years.” I had begun to ask myself questions. When did this happen? When did I have my first kid? Where did the time go? Why did this happen? All these questions had no real answers to them.

I thought long and hard to see if I could come up with any real explanation for what was happening. The moment I woke up to when I was eating breakfast seemed so real. The phone rang, and I went to answer it. I picked up the phone and said, “Hello.”
The person on the other side of the phone said, “May I speak to Jesus please?”
I then said, “This is Jesus. May I help you?”
The other person began to say, “Yes, are you coming to work today?”
All I could think to say was, “Yes, I’ll be right there.”

I made my way to my bedroom. I looked into the closet and found a suit. I put on the suite, and looked at myself in the mirror that was next to my closet. I looked young, but didn´t look like a sixteen year old anymore. I didn´t pay attention to anything around me. When I woke up I didn’t realize I was in a different house than the one I was in when I was sixteen. I began to be more observant. The room I slept in was quite a bit bigger than my old sixteen year old room. I had pictures of all my children on my drawer, and a big flat screen television on the wall in front of the bed. There was a door across from the closet. I opened the door, and it was a bathroom with a shower. I then walked around the house and began looking at things more closely.

I finished looking around the house, and everything was totally different from what I had remembered. I made my way to the front door. I stepped outside, and it was around eighty degrees outside. I was in a pretty nice and quiet neighborhood. I noticed there was a mailbox beside the road. I walked to the mailbox and grabbed the mail before I went to work. I was leisurely going through each envelope. I heard the sound of a car coming towards my direction, but I didn’t think much of it. I then looked over to my right and saw the driver was out of control. I had no time to get out of the way and had been struck by the car. That startled me, and I fell out of bed. The whole thing seemed so real but it was only a dream. A dream of what I wanted for a family, and the kids I wanted to have in the future. I was looking at my wife looking at me. Thinking about us, and what we could be. In the end I opened my eyes, and it was only just a dream.

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