Marvelous Manicure

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

We all know someone who seems to have the perfect manicured nails. When wanting beautiful hands and nails, there is no need to go to a nail salon. You can do it at your own home. A good reason about doing your own manicure is that you can invite friends over and have a manicure party. It is an excellent way to hangout and bond with friends. Following these few steps to an amazing manicure, will leave your hands feeling clean, soft, and silky.

To begin the manicure, you will need a bowl with lukewarm water, anti-bacterial soap, nail polish remover, cuticle softener, cuticle nipper, orange stick, file, buffer, lotion, base coat, and nail polish. After you have all the supplies, you will fill the bowl of lukewarm water with moisturizing anti-bacterial soap. Before you soak your hands in, you will need to take off your nail polish if you have any on. Finally it is time to soak your hands for five minutes. As soon as the five minutes are over, you will take one hand out and put cuticle softener on your cuticles. This step will prep you for cutting your cuticles, making your cuticles nice and soft.

Working on the same hand, start pushing your cuticles back neatly with an orange stick: a metal or wooden tool that has a flat angel shape. Immediately, after you finish pushing your cuticles back, you will get your cuticle nipper and cut the excess cuticles off. To make this task easier you can ask your friend to help you. This would prevent you from cutting yourself. Then you will repeat all the previous steps for your other hand.

Toward the end of your manicure, you will file your nails to your desired shape, which is either rounded or square. This gives your nails a clean and polished look. When you finish filing your nails you will then buff your nails for a smooth finish. Soon after you finish buffing, you will apply moisturizing lotion to your hands. The lotion will leave hands feeling soft like clouds. Before polishing your nails you may want to put a base coat to protect your natural nails. Now it is time to polish your nails a beautiful color of your choice. The colors range from “Lincoln Park after Dark”, to “Bubble Bath”, to “You Don’t know Jacque.”

Now that you are finished with your manicure, you can show off your beautiful nails. Not only can you show off your nails but you and your friends will have a memory you all can cherish forever. The steps to doing a manicure may take a while, but will leave your hands feeling and looking great.

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