Survivng Junior High

December 5, 2011
By LucyLu98 BRONZE, Santaquin, Utah
LucyLu98 BRONZE, Santaquin, Utah
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Surviving Jr. High isn’t so easy as you thought it might be. I am a sevie at Payson Junior High and I want to give you some rules of how to survive when your having a pretty hard time at school.
#1: First of all you obviously need to go to school, so you won’t miss anything important like homework and stuff like that.
#2: Always do your homework because maybe you can get an award (wouldn’t that be cool getting an award in front of your friends?).
#3: Sometimes they have things like tardy round-up which you do when your about to be tardy. They put random songs on and when they finish the teachers lock the doors so you eventually become tardy (kind of mean teachers don’t you think).
#4: If you sluff and have a lot of tardies your going to have to go to detention. Which I heard is really, supremely boring.
#5: You either have seven period or mostly eight periods. On Wednesday you only have seven periods because you get out of school early.
#6: When your staring school and you have no idea where to go I suggest having your schedule everywhere you go, it comes in handy.
#7: If you get lost then I would ask a teacher or a good friend that already knows where all of the classes are.
#8: For the first week you have no clue where to go but eventually you get used to it super quick like I did.
#9: I love coming in the morning because you get like half an hour until school really starts. Its fun to jus hang out with friends.
#10: When its your friends birthday, you can decorate their locker but if its too crazy and put silly string all over it then teachers will get super furious but if you just like wrap it then they won’t mind.
#11: You always have to pick classes that you like instead of picking classes that you hate and have no interest in.
#12: When you start classes I would want to be a teachers pet so you won’t get in trouble that much.
#13: Always have good friends to back you up on things.
#14: Careful with what you talk about because it could cause a lot of drama and rumors.
#15: People always cause rumors about things you didn’t even do.
#16: You always meet new friends when you go to school so you will have a bunch of friends before you know it.
#17: Girls always have problems with other girls whether its you stole their boyfriend or that they think you are better than them.
#18: Girls would get mad because probably some other chick might steal her boyfriend.
#19: There’s always a mean girl in a group that probably talks bad about some other people because they are jealous of you.
#20: You never have to change for a boy because they probably like you for who you are.
#21: What makes classes fun? Hanging out with friends, except if your not allowed to like when the teacher is talking. I would rather be with a friend than to be alone.
#22: You should pay attention in class because then it’s a lot easier to study for test.
#23: If I were you I would put more effort in classes you hate instead of classes you love and can do easy-peasy lemon squeezy.
#24: Who know maybe you’ll get a boyfriend before the year ends.
#25: There is all different kinds of groups that people fit into. Some groups maybe will be too weird for you like goth groups unless you are goth.
#26: I always wonder if you make something very delicious and give it to your teacher then you get extra-credit points, but I highly doubt it.
#27: You get a locker! Yay! You might think it’s really cool but sometimes its not, because you have locker problems and you have to take a note to your teacher and you miss most of the class period.
#28: You can have your phone there, but if the teachers see it then they take it away and you have to get it after class is over.
#29: I’ve heard that you always have to take good care of your phone because someone might steal it.
#30: Riding the bus is pretty boring, because your bus could eventually be crowded and bus rides are long so I would bring along an ipod of some sort to keep you company.
#31: Sometimes you have to ask the principal permission if your friend wants to come home with you (its not fair that you have to ask permission from him/her).
#32: You get in trouble by the teachers if they see you hugging and kissing boys.
#33: MAKE A GOOD EXPRESSION. Making a good expression at school is really important because then people will think you’re a really cool person.
#34: I’ll gibe you some examples of what to do to make people notice you more: be kind, help people out on problems they need help with, always have a positive attitude, be respectful, and show you’re a confident teen.
#35: You don’t have to be so stressed out by all of the homework and things you still might be fuzzy on, you always have some time by yourself to just hang out with friends.
#36: For lunch I would choose wisely when it’s time to pick what you eat because it might be really disgusting when you take that first bite.
#37: Assemblies are way fun because you get to miss class. But at the same time its really boring because you just sit there and watch what the assembly is about.
#38: Dances are super fun they have loud music and its just really fun to just hang around and dance with friends. They put on slow songs because then you can slow dance with your guy.

So like what you heard? You will always have good times and bad times at school but that is what Jr. High is like so have a great time at school and stay in school.

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i was just writing something random.

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