Do we have any power over the Goverment?

November 27, 2011
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Do we have any power over the government?

Wouldn’t anyone just love to up in front of congress and just say what we feel?
We are watching the world crumble right in front of our eyes and they have no idea what us the people are going through. There is families who have no idea when their next meal is going to be. Families are losing their homes even though they have no place to go.
Do we even care anymore about anybody around us who is suffering?
Even the elderly are having trouble with be able to pay for things they need. They cant go back to work due to their age .
How are they supposed to live comfortably when they cant even pay for food?
Most of the families today consist of a single parent. Where have family values at any mean gone to. Even when there is parents still married there is fighting .

So what can we do to have a more perfect nation?
Its time to let the people decide on things that involve hard working people.
Let the people have a voice instead of congress making our decisions.

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