Hershey Park

November 28, 2011
By WhyNot14232 BRONZE, PA, Pennsylvania
WhyNot14232 BRONZE, PA, Pennsylvania
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My Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and I went to Shady Maple, a buffet. We were in line for about a half hour, and I looked at one of their three TV’s, saw a 15% chance of rain, and I started to worry. My Dad then said, “Stop being so paranoid. We’re fine.” So I then calm down and enjoy myself.
We got to the hotel and it was right across the street from the amusement park; I was very happy about that. So, we go in, got settled and went to the hotel’s bus. We then got driven to a family ride which had puppets and showed you how they made Hershey™ chocolate. The next day we went to the amusement park where I went on the slowest rollercoaster there. Then I went on the fastest one there that went from 0-72 MPH within four seconds, pretty intense. I then went on two big wooden roller coasters. So just as we are about to leave we hear thunder, but just as we hear it our two cousins show up. One cousin is 21, the other 13. So we tell my two cousins to come back to the hotel with us, but they say, “No, it’s just a little thunder, we’re fine.” So just because of that they were stuck in the parking lot for about an hour, while my family was safe at the hotel, with my Aunt.
This was a really bad storm too! My two cousins finally get back to the hotel and they’re drenched! Then the storm lets up, and then gets even worse than before. I’m prancing around the room saying, “I told you so, I told you so!” and I was then told to be quiet. So the concert was cancelled and everyone was glum. My dad tells my mom to “Calm down, don’t let this ruin our family time.” So then everyone’s happy. We leave the next day after breakfast and my mom then goes to the rescheduled concert 3 weeks after. This has shown me that I can be right once in a while.

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