The Space Needle

November 28, 2011
By gymnast2 BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
gymnast2 BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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There it was, the tallest building I had ever seen. The Space Needle. It was so massive and amazing. I was with my Grandmother, Aunt Eileen, Uncle Dave, my cousins Tyler and Isabelle in Seattle, Washington. I was there for almost over two weeks and they were taking me to see the Space Needle.

“It’s over 675 feet tall and was built out of heavy metal”, my Uncle Dave told me.

“That’s amazing”, I say like I really cared, but I didn’t or at least not that much I just wanted to get inside.
We entered the building and I could not wait to get to the top. We continued to walk to the elevator where a few people were waiting for the next ride to the top. When we got in the elevator I felt like I was going to space, but then the elevator went ding and that is how I knew we weren’t in space. I took my cousin’s hand and jumped out of the elevator faster than a kangaroo.

“Daddy can we go outside on the outside railing part” Tyler begged because he has been here a thousand times.
As we started heading outside all my Grandmother could think about was what if they fall. She was afraid of heights so she stayed inside. I just could not believe that I was on top of the Space Needle .We went outside. Beep, Beep. You could here the boats whistle, the cars beeping and the people talking. Whoosh! The wind was blowing and you had a great view.
From the top of that building I felt like I was flying. You could see the entire city of Seattle, Washington.
Tyler kept saying, “There is my house”, and we just laughed along with him. The Puget Sound looked like a beautiful silk blue fabric that ran across the entire ocean. I had so much fun that day visiting museums and sightseeing from the top of the Space Needle.
Then later that month when I was back home my aunt sent me a postcard.
“Becky I really enjoyed having you here with us. I loved going to the Space Needle with you and I think Tyler did too. Maybe you will become a world traveler just like I am.”

I really enjoyed going and can’t wait to go back. Maybe I will become a world traveler like my aunt, but right now I think I will just travel the United States.

By: Becky B.

The author's comments:
My defining moment for Launguage arts class.

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