November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

“Just get on the ride,” my mommy said.
“No, never,” I replied.

“You’re such a baby.”
“Then you go on it,” I was sitting there eating Dippin’ Dots leaning on my mom’s shoulder. It was freezing outside and it was August. I was in shorts, a short sleeved shirt, and only a thin sweatshirt. The ride looked scary; it was a claw that swung side to side, almost to the point where you are in the upside down position. My mom had finally convinced me to go on after three cups of Dippin’ Dots. I ran in line, but the line was as long as the Great Wall of China. I had never seen anything like this ride. I ran in line with my friend, Julia, my sister Sara, and my sister’s best friend, Nyja. They weren’t even near halfway through the line.
We waited forever, watching other people get swung back and forth by the giant claw. The claw, the claw that looked like a human hand clenching the people inside of it and moving them forward, backward, left, then right. The people on “It” are screaming and cursing; some are having fun and some are in terror of falling from the seats and dropping right on your head. That’s how I feel, as if I’ll be dropped on my head.

It’s our turn next; we are at the front of the line, the crowd of people just getting off the ride, stumbling to get their flip-flops on. After they all had exited the man opened the door. He swung the stick that sees if you are tall enough very fast to my head. I assume he thought I wasn’t tall enough, but the stick hit me right in the forehead.
“Sorry,” said the man.
I told him it was okay and got on. We had all sat in the same row; the rest of the people loaded onto the terrifying ride, taking off their shoes and piling them to the middle. My feet were dangling because they couldn’t touch the floor. I pull down my harness; I heard him press the button and the harness got tighter and made a *clank, clank, clank* sound. The ride started, swinging slowly and not high yet, but right away I felt it pick up and go straight to the side and not slow anymore. I was screaming and yelling, my sister laughing at me and everyone else. Even my mom was, she was recording the whole thing on her phone.

The ride is over and I walk off, stumbling like the kids that got off before. That was my last ride of the night. I was so tired and felt sick, but I still got “Curly’s” French fries. We drove home and it was an hour long drive from Wild Wood to Avalon, New Jersey. We got home at one o’clock in the morning.

Even though the ride was terrifying it was actually a lot of fun. It was the first ride I ever went on the was like that. Next time I go to Wild Wood I’m going on it again. I’m actually really proud that I went on that ride without crying and for not chickening out. Just the feeling of being on the ride again is amazing?

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