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November 21, 2011
By Beck_the_Awesome BRONZE, Crescent, Iowa
Beck_the_Awesome BRONZE, Crescent, Iowa
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If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

You know, I used to think that it was impossible for me to hate at such a young age. Now I’m kind of questioning that belief, because of you.

I’m not saying that I Hate You, because I really don’t want to be that person. But what I Do Hate is how you always Have to be Right. Even though you’re Not.

I really Don’t Hate to inform you that you’re just really Not an authority on every subject. You Don’t get to tell me what’s what about life. You Don’t get to boss me around because you think you Know Everything. You Don’t get to choose What I Do, How I Act, or What I Say. These are all things that I, and Only I, get to decide. You seem to be losing touch with that knowledge, and it feels like you’re Suffocating Me.

And you’re not doing it in a gentle ‘I love you too much’ kind of way. You’re doing it in a full on ‘I have my hands around your neck and I’m going to choke you until I get my way’ kind of way. And I Hate that.

So you Don’t Like who I am? Don’t Like how I talk? Don’t Like that I’m an individual? Well Shut The F*** Up, because it’s Not Your Life.

Not Your Life,
Not Your Choice,
Not Your World,
Not Your Voice,
Not Your Opinion,
Not Your Heart,
Not Your Love,
Not Your Art.

It’s all Mine, which I guess you can’t see. So Leave Me the F*** Alone. It’s My Choice.

My Choice,
My Life,
My Voice,
My world.

It’s My Heart,
My Opinion,
My Art,
My Love.

And you know what?

You Don’t Get to Tell Me What to Do With It.

Because I’m Not Yours.

The author's comments:
I'm really not proud of the emotions that I'm feeling towards this friend. I'm not proud that I'm too much of a wuss to talk to her about it. I'm not proud that I'm letting her walk all over me. I'm not proud that I'm letting her make me feel this way. And I'm especially not proud of the fact that this isn't the first time I've written something like this about her.

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