Land Of Smurfs

November 19, 2011
Once upon a time in the land of Smurf, came a new smurf ling.The smurfs name Jillian. She was the shortest smurf in the land. At full grown, Jillian was only 12 inches tall.One day while Jillian was in town getting some apples for her and her father, she meet a handsome man named Torin. There was a bit of a problem with what Jillian wanted to happen, Torin was a 29 inch smurf while she was only 12 inches.Their height difference and age difference didn't matte to Jillian. So when Jillian got home she asked her dad if he knew a man named Tyrin?"yes I do know a young man named Tyrin, and you are to stay away from I'm, he is only trouble." Jillian did not like what her dad had to say, so she just went by what her heart wanted. So the next morning doing her daily errands, she saw Tyrin. She decided that she wasn't going to let her father get in the way of her being happy, so she walks up to Tyrin." hello Tyrin, my name is Jillian. Would you like to go on a date with me this weekend?"Tyrin said yes to Jillian. so two days later then went on their date, and had a great time too. They went on many more dates, but the last date they had did not end the way all of the others have. When Tyrin was walking Jillian to her house,her father had noticed that she had been gone and decided to wait for her on the front porch."I'm sorry daddy,its not what it looks like, i promise."" Jillian, you have disobeyed me and broken my rules. Now your little friend will have to pay the price for what he had done."

" Welcome ladies and gentlemen, today is going to be a great show. we have Tyrin in our arena because of his horrible act. Tyrin will have to make a huge decision, he will have to pick door 1 or door 2. behind a door will be a voracious tiger that is very hungry, and behind another will be the lady this man will have to marry on the spot. now time for the biggest decision of the mans life!!" Tyrin had picked door 1 which had the tiger behind it. He tried will all of his might to fight off the tiger but it was not working.Tyrin had opened door 2 to find the lady that he almost had to marry, grabbed off some fabric off of her dress, tied it around her hands and feet. Tyrin ran to the middle of the arena and laid the women down for the tiger to attack. Tyrin went back to door 2 to find a ring that had been laying on the ground and ran over to Jillian's father." sir, may i please have your permission to marry your wonderful daughter??"" Tyrin, you have beaten me at my own game, you may marry my daughter." So tyrin walked over to Jillian and proposed. Jillian said yes, and they got married right on the spot. 5 years later they Had 2 wonderful kids. Booth of the children had almost been as tall as their mother. they had a very happy life.


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