The Jordans

November 21, 2011
By Kariinahx3 SILVER, Bronx, New York
Kariinahx3 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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“He was caught in drugs,” some people said, “as both a dealer and a user.”

Some had seen it coming for him, but none of them imagined he was going to die this way, so young, and so fast. The paramedics took the bodies away, as the cops took images and proof from the crime scene. It was like in one of those movies, but this was reality. It was around two in the morning, but everyone was awake, everyone had heard the shots. It was early December and the snow covered the streets. The wind blew hard, and whistled as if it was talking. Soon after the paramedics left everyone was gone, but like always tomorrow everyone will be talking about it.

What had just happened is a story for which nobody wishes to go through, too bad not only one person was the victim. It all started when Miguel’s father passed away in a car accident, leaving him with nobody else but his mother, Mrs.Ovalle. His life seemed perfect before that, he couldn’t believe how unfair life was taking his father away, a great man, from one day to another. How everything had changed since than, he hardly even saw his mother. She was now working in two jobs. They were having trouble paying the rent and they were now two months behind.Miguel stopped caring about everything; and even stopped attending high school even though he was already a senior.

Miguel began to sell drugs, it was the only way his “friends” would let him be a part of their group. As time passed by, he began using them; little did he know how much that would change his life. Soon he stopped giving them for sale, instead just consuming them. Because he used to sell them for someone else, he was expected to give some money back, problem was ; he didn’t have any. He owed Johnny $45,900 and as you might had already guessed, he had no way of paying it.

“You find a way of giving me my money, you have one more day you hear me! I don’t care of whatever you do. I want my money, if not I will keep your head instead,” Johnny told him.

Miguel left, hopeless. He walked home thinking of how his life has changed and all the changes have destroyed him. He than thought of his mother.

“She doesn’t deserve this, none of it. She’s facing my father’s death too, she works really late and comes back home till really late at night. How can I be so selfish?” He thought to himself, a million thoughts running through his head. He decided to get the money one way or another, but get it over with. He wanted to change, and become a different person. He began looking through a magazine, and saw some Jordans he always wanted. He circled them.

“As soon as I’m done paying Johnny, and helping my mom; I’m going to find a way to get them.”

Miguel kept thinking, day dreaming of how different his life is going to be once he changes and helps his mom. He stared out the window, looking at the snow falling down. Tired and sleepy, he fell asleep and didn’t even feel his mom come into his room.

“I’m sorry, I’m trying. I really am, I know you probably hate me, but I love you baby boy. I know I don’t spend time with you, but I’m going to try and work some more, get some money and we can just get out of here, and start over.” She kept talking until she finally realized he wasn’t even listening to her. Tears went down her cheeks and she kissed her son softly in his front head. “It will all get better soon, I promise you.” She got off the bed, and the magazine dropped, she picked it up and saw the Jordans her son always wanted. “I know what to do, you deserve this and more honey. Sweet dreams.” She kissed her son one more time and left, leaving to her second job.

The next day Miguel decided to go and look for a job, but everywhere he went they kept denying him. Maybe it was the way he looked, the way he was dressed. It didn’t matter to him, he was loosing patience. He got out of his house really early and it was almost 8:00pm, and he hadn’t find nothing. It began to snow, first slow but as he walked, the snow increase, and the wind blew harder. The stores all started to close, but Miguel didn’t feel like going home. He decided to go get a cappuccino, lost in his thoughts he didn’t even notice the hours pass by. It was around 1:40AM.

“What’s popping Migui?”

“Leave me alone man, I don’t have your money yet, but I’ll get it soon.”
“ What? You funny, First, you don’t give me orders. Two, I say when you’ll get it. And last, too late for “soon.”

Miguel began to walk away, but knew Johnny was walking after him.

“Where you going Migui? The cemetery is that way,” Johnny yelled at Miguel.

Miguel ran, he wanted to just get out of there, be anywhere; but there. The streets were deserted, nobody else was there. The snow made it hard to run fast. Miguel could hear his heart beating, raising with every step. He looked back; Johnny was about 25 feet away, he ran faster and saw a lady walking across the street. She had a purse and a shopping bag, chances were she had money and if he was lucky, something with a value in that bag. He could robe the lady, give some money in advance and probably, just probably, Johnny would have mercy of his life. He ran towards the lady, it was hard to see clearly with all the snow and wind. All you could tell is that she was wearing a jacket and a scarf covering most of her face, she had no idea he was after her. When Miguel was just about to pull her purse and her bag, he heard a shot.
He closed his eyes, moaning in agony; but then he realized, he did not even got shot. The lady did, she was innocent and had no idea it was going to happen to her. Johnny then realized what he had just done, but he didn’t care, he couldn’t care less.
“Oops, you think she had somewhere important to go? I don’t think so, too bad not only one person will be dying tonight.” Johnny laughed, pointed the gun at Miguel, and shot him in the front head. “That’s what happens when you mess with the wrong person, I think you finally learned the lesson,” he said as he kicked Miguel's body. He took the lady’s purse and right when he grabbed the bag, it opened and a box fell down. He was about to pick it up but he heard the police’s sirens. He left it and just ran. And so we came to where we started, the neighbors began to go outside and see the crime that had just happened. They started at the two dead bodies, a son, and his mother.

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