The Reason for Living

November 23, 2011
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A few of you are most likely bibliophiles. In accordance to the Webster dictionary a bibliophile is “a lover of books”. However, I think a more avid description, is a hoarder of books. And considering that most people find reading independently as waste of time. Maybe to them bibliophilea is hording. However there is a benefit to independent reading.
If like me you are socially inept the dogma of social life can best be taught through a novel. You will and can unintentionally gain knowledge while reading. You won’t even recognize it when it happens, because it will not feel like learning. Now, my words may get jumbled with admiration, because there are so many things I wish I could convey about the biggest blessing in my life. I have a tendency to ramble on the subject of my obsession, and I fear I will lose you.
But if you seek true magic look for it in the page of a novel. And if I can only give you one incentive to read of your own free will. It would be to remind you, that the more your read- the better you write. But personally I believe you capable of more.

What is a book but an idea- and what is an idea- Webster dictionary says that and idea “a transcendental entity that is a real pattern of which existing things are imperfect representations” I have no idea what that means. But see I used the word again. Idea…what is it? It is the creation of your mind searching for substance. You are hungry for knowledge even if you do not acknowledge that fact. And all the answers you look for can be found in the page of a novel.
We are capable of much more than we think. Our capacity for intake and intellect is unlimited. However, you must take insinuative to tap into that potential. Our hands are our most capable tools- turn pages with them. Our sight is our most valued sense, use it to decipher words. Our brain is our most mysterious organ….Feed it. It is hungrier than you think and its girth is wider than you imagined.

Like many people I have a fear of being inadequate, we all want to make our marks on the world. But the cold truth is, that some people will not be remembered. Ultimately, to be able, to leave your mark on the world- to immortalize your name – you need to be better than your competitors. And unfortunately your competitors are the rest of the world. So how do you become the best that. How do you out shine the billions of people on this planet?
You learn. And you read, and you gain knowledge. I know you all want to be, something- no one wants to be nothing. And if I can’t convince you to read for pleasure. OR for the escape that a novel offers to a burdened and troubled mind, maybe I can appeal to your need to be something.
Because we all have dreams, they’re filtering through the back of your heads as I speak. If you read, you will learn, and you can conquer. Maybe that’s not as heroic as Julius ceasers veni vidi vici I came I saw I conquered, but the idea is the same.
Read and you will learn, read and your mind will be set free from its daily burdens. Read and some pains may go away. If anything read to escape- as a child I’m sure you dreamt of running off to another word. remember how devastated you were when you turned eleven and your Hogwarts letter didn’t come? Remember when you thought you were fairy princes- with a magic wand? Remember when you dreamt of impossible things?
You don’t have to leave that childhood comfort behind. NO you can’t dress up like Harry potter and run around with a wand- shouting and waving it at things. But when you read- for one graceful moment- your alive and in a place that can never exist- except for in your heart. For that one exceptionally brilliant moment you are whatever you want to be.
And that is the beauty of the written word. Magic has never become closer to reality- than when a pen strikes paper. We live in a beautiful world full of beautiful things- but the most beautiful thing I have ever seen was not on the face of the child- or the canvas of the sky or the dreams in my head. It was the words upon a page.

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