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November 18, 2011
By Sugar-N-Spice PLATINUM, Orange Park, Florida
Sugar-N-Spice PLATINUM, Orange Park, Florida
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"Excuse me, Ms?" one of my students called out to me.
"Yes, Bethany?" I replied with a simple exhale.
"I'd like to ask you something." she said, walking towards me with such grace, I thought it was somewhat angelic.
I began collecting my students' reports, files, IPad, and other personal things I'll need for the trip home,"And what is that?"
"Why did you choose to become a professor, and why English?"
I glanced at Bethany, who seemed to lock into my eyes. her questions are confusing. One moment she'll act as if she cares, the next she doesn't, but I fell into exhaustion and decided, why not tell her?
"Sit down, Bethany." Obediently, she sat down.her fiery, red hair whispered to the air. her brown eyes stayed clam and relaxed. Her clothes swayed gently and swiftly to one side as she sat. her ears listened intently to what I was saying.
"I became a professor because I enjoy it. An English professor because many loath it."
"That doesn't make sense. I don't understand why you became an English teacher, if everybody hates it." her mouth moved robotically.
"You don't?" I asked astonished her inquisitive questions,"Well it's simple really. People who love English are too easy to teach. People who love it are more challenging."
"You actually like challenges?" now it was Bethany's turn to become shocked,"Don't you like to zoom by grading papers because you know the English-loves did great? or that people who actually like English, like the unchallenging work you give them? Don't you like breaks at all?"
"Bethany, I did say that enjoy being a professor, didn't I? I also love challenges. Shouldn't you, shouldn't everyone? Have you ever done something that you really thought was difficult, but when you progressed it became easier?"
"Well, yes, but-"
"Same goes for me. it's like teaching a seven-year old how to ride a bicycle for the first time. Practice makes perfect. You should always do your best in everything, no matter the situation. now I have a question for you, Bethany. Why did you want to know all of this?"
"Easy,"Bethany grinned,"I find English challenging, especially with you. honestly, I think it's stupid and useless. It makes no sense,"she glanced at her silver watch on her right wrist,"I really should be going now. Thank you for your time."
Bethany stood up, and walked towards her desk. She gathered her belongings and was about to walk away with no other comment.
"One more thing, Bethany,"I said, watching her stop, and turn towards me, two steps away from the door,"Only stupid people walk out of the doors I open for them. Let me help you."
I stood up and walked towards Bethany. I stood over her in my high heels. Then slowly and quietly, I whispered,"That's America's society situation. The educational system we have has now clogged the toilet."
Then I stepped towards the door and opened it, looking at the befuddled girl. that's when I repeated myself,"Only stupid people walk out of the doors I open for them."
That's exactly what she did."

The author's comments:
This is seriously how people act nowadays, I think it's ridiculous. So, I decided to write a story about it.

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