The Mysterious Outside

November 17, 2011
By Siena Hester SILVER, Park City, Utah
Siena Hester SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Hurt. It is a simple word, but there are many meanings. Many people can feel hurt. Hurt by the lie, hurt by the truth. Each person on the world many feel like it revolves around them, because really thats the only perspective that they will ever have. The truth is, each person is only a small part of the world. A tiny speck. Some people have the blessing to be more blessed than others. Live in a nice house, have food to eat, water to drink, and a family to love. And others not, but in the end we are all in this together. The world is filled with mystery’s, and always will be. Someone could make a conspiracy about any topic or great event that has occurred in the world, but why do that? Just live. People spend to much of their time trying to figure out how the world works, and really no one will ever know the whole truth. Us as people on this Earth could be just another person’s play toy. Something that makes all of our moves, and that makes everything happen that happens everyday. Or, we could be something of a higher power, that controls all the littler things around us, that we don’t even know that exist. We could all sit and wonder what and why all these things occur and what is controlling them, but it’s really no use because we will never know.

Over time, there has been so many “God’s” that are supposedly the ruler of all man kind, if you pray for your life than it will be given to you. Follow the Gods rules and the rest of your life you will be flying high. For me, I don’t believe in a certain God, I am not against it because everyone has different beliefs, but I believe that we control our past, present and future. We choose the path that we want to take. Although, I do believe in karma, but only to a certain extent. I feel if someone has done something bad than it is most likely going to come back their way. But we are the only people that can control our actions. We design ourself to what we believe is right, but most people design themselves to fit in with the common of society. Everyone seems the same these day’s, and the people that are different are the “crazy” people. Yes everyone is different on the inside, but on the outside they all act like the same person, trying to fit in to get the right job, to have the right friends, and just to look as everyone else does. Follow the styles as they go on, the hairstyles. But why not be one step ahead of the page? Be the trend setter, not the follower. But most of all, everyone just be yourselves. And not the outside person that people create to disguise the “creature” on the inside. Be that creature that can only explain a single person, and no one else. No one ever wants to be confused with someone else.

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