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November 15, 2011
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We as a country are blind, and we have blinded ourselves. What happened to our morals? Where was the point in which the difference between right and wrong was forgotten? We don’t take the time to help others in need, and there’s a word for that; we are selfish. We turn our backs on the issues in which there’s suffering. Our planet is in danger, and what are we doing? The answer is not nearly enough. If the issue doesn’t directly affect our personal lives in a negative way, then we act as if we are oblivious. It’s absolutely disgusting and it has to stop. I will be proud to initiate the act of trying to end pollution, never-ending and increasing national debt, economic crisis, crimes, drug use, and bullying in the education environments of our children. I will no longer ignore the issues at hand.

My goal is to do everything in my power to assist with the issues in any and every possible way that I can. Instead of pretending that bullying doesn’t happen, I will stand up for those being victimized and make sure the world knows their story and put a stop to it, one step at a time. Then hopefully they will walk taller and stand stronger than ever before and reach out to others who are crying for help. Nobody should be afraid to speak up and be heard. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and safe in this world.

Instead of contributing to the quickly filling landfills, I recycle what can be recycled. For example, when I get my haircut I save it and donate it to an organization in which it will benefit those who don’t wish for Barbie dolls, or the latest cars, but for cancer patients who simply long for a head of hair and a loving friend. Therefore, it would not only be reused in place of being wasted but it would also make a person’s life worth fighting for.

My goal is to help, and to convince others to take part in our struggle to make a positive change in this world that we all share. My goal is to make a difference.

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