Friends are always There

April 24, 2008
Even if a friend deserts you and starts hanging out with someone else,
leaving you all by your lonesome, you’ll always find some chum of some kind
to fill the void. When my friend(who used to be one of the nicest guys around)
dropped me like a bad habit for some cooler friends, I felt like a really low.
We used to do all sots of things together. We played videogames, eat sandwiches,
drink loads of soda, and try to beat each other at football, all at the same time. We
did all sorts of other things together too. Yes we were the best of buds. Two
peas in a pod that nothing could break, or so it seemed.

Just then, he started acting none too pleasant. Beating me up, making fun of me,
etc. ‘till we just stopped talking to each other period. Like one time during final exams
he started treating me like a punching bag. Makes one wonder whether or not he was my friend in the first place.
But then, when I was down in the Dumps, I found a new best bud, even better than the last. My new friend is just like me, We like anime, the same games, and we both like animals. We work as partners at B.O.C.E.S.. He even enjoys my chef-work. From here on out everything will be smooth sailing. I mean this guy is really nice, a few groan inducing jokes here and there but he is awesome. Though he is better at videogames than
me though.

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