A Relationship, Not a Religion

November 3, 2011
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Too many times we don't understand who God is. So many people see him as a demanding ruler, who will do just that if we mess up just a little bit. Of course, none of this is true. God is a caring and loving Father and wants what is best for His children. But then, my generation see their heavenly Father the same as their earthly father, which isn't wrong, but it often gives us a skewed view of who God is. If your father was not in your life, then God is distant. If your father was a huge part of your life, in a good way, then God is close to you, and He wants to be with you. The list could go on forever. God wants to be a part of your life, but He's not going to force you. He wants you to be happy, but now stupid. He doesn't require you to be a perfect person, He'll accept you just as you are. God doesn't think its a sin if you laugh in church, because He has a sense of humor (Why else would He create duck-billed platypuses or naked mole rats). He doesn't care if you show up to church half dressed. He just wants a relationship with you. That's really what Christianity is. A relationship, not a religion. He wants to be in your life and He loves you more than anyone on earth could possibly love you.

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Kait- said...
Jun. 9, 2013 at 2:59 pm
This is amazing, and I'm really glad that you wrote this. :)
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