I Am What I Am

November 9, 2011
By blackbird342 BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
blackbird342 BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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"I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird." - Paul McCartney

I am what I am. I am a city girl dropped in the middle of suburbia. I am a sidewalk taker, stuck in a sea of mini-vans. The one who prefers the loud crowded streets, rather than loud crowded hallways of school. I someone that knows that a small yellow taxi is much more practical than the big yellow bus. I am what I am. I am a person who prefers the honking of horns and the screeching of sirens, to the silence of the Earth. I believe that nature’s place is in the middle metropolis separating the east and west. I am the one who’ll trade the stars in the midnight sky, for the bright lights of the city. I am what I am. I am someone who has never lived in the city, but it has always been their home. I am the one who doesn’t really know what they have now, but will someday be grateful for it. I am full of hope, just like all the rest who come to it, that someday, I will achieve greatness. I am what I am.

I am a believer. Someone who knows that anything is possible. I am the one who’s always known what they’ve wanted and will always go for it. I am hardworking, and will never stop dreaming of what I will someday become. I have everlasting lasting hope in the impossibles. I am that person that won’t sit back and watch, but become their own hero. I am what I am.

I am leader. Anyone that knows me, would agree. I am someone who’s tried to let others lead, but following isn’t much fun. I am the person who is always pushing themselves harder. I refuse to give up in the hardest of times. When people shoot me down, I don’t care. I know what I am in my heart. I am what I am.

I am an actress. I am the fierce competitor. I am someone with experience that is minuscule to others, but I have the drive that others lack. I am the black horse. I am the contender that no one saw coming around the bend. I am meant to be in first place. I am the one who will never stop working, even if my throat dries. I am what I am. I am the one who no one may have faith in, but who’ll be holding the golden statue in the end. I am the one standing at the microphone thanking the optimists, but still not upsetting the rest. I am what I am.

I am a lover of life. An advocate for curiosity. I believe that everyone should be be treated equally. I am a fighter for those who cannot themselves. Unless you do me wrong, I shall always do you right. I am what I am. I am forgiving, but just please don’t prove me wrong. If you give me your trust, I will return the favor. I am an honest person, who will take responsibility for my mistakes. I am not embarrassed of who I am. I am not shameless or arrogant but not worried about what others think. I am what I am.

The author's comments:
This was a voice piece we had to write for school. One of my favorite writings I've gotten to do. It really gives a snapshot of my personality.

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