Love 2.0

November 9, 2011
By SubtleMeaning GOLD, New York City, New York
SubtleMeaning GOLD, New York City, New York
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“Love 2.0” was the most amusing article I’ve read in the November issue of Teen Ink. Anyone can easily describe their unusual lust for a game console in a few sentences, but “Love 2.0” has over ten paragraphs depicting the story of a teenager’s persistent need for the beloved Xbox 360. At the start, the narrator desperately wants to own the emerald jewel, and “enlists in the bidding war zone.” The teenager emerges victorious - but her prize console refuses to work.

The descriptions are hilarious; I haven’t heard someone relating electronic gaming consoles to biological offspring in quite a while, nor Ebay to a war zone! I also enjoyed reading the epic battle between you and the other bidder, as well your appealing and humorous desire for the Xbox. Now, if you’ll excuse me I must express my devotion to my gaming console and how it continues to glow an emerald shine, despite all these years.

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