November 8, 2011
By BrandiGillam BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
BrandiGillam BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Goodbyes are never easy for anybody. Goodbyes can mean a lot of things. My goodbyes mean that either someone is leaving or someone is dieing. Sometimes people may not take a goodbye the way that they should or as other people do. People take all kinds of occasions or goodbyes differently. The first seemed so easy in comparison.

I was at my home just getting done with cleaning the house. My dad walked inside the house and said “Brandi your uncle Norman was found dead this morning by your uncle Travis.” The minute that my dad told me this I started crying coulddn’t stop. The tears going down my eyes felt like they weren’t real and that all this was just a dream . To my family who had called me it wasn't it was all real.

My uncle and I have never been close. When I'm over at his house,we get along and he is very protective over me. My uncle and I joke around a lot. My uncle and I were like two amazing family members put together. My uncle and I never got along all the time but when we were together we were like two pees in a pod.

Everyday that I think about my uncle Norman I start crying but when I start crying I always have to remember that he will always be with me no matter were I am or what I am doing. What comes to my mind next is happy memories. A week after my uncle Norman had died ,his job that he had worked at had a memorial for him. At the memorial all of his friends and family showed up. All the people that were there were people that loved him “oh so very much.”

Nobody really knows how much you love them until that person just is not there no more. He has always been a happy person through good and bad. Even when he's down,yeah he may be down but he never brings the person that hes with down. When he died I never got to say good bye to him. A month that I never got to see him within that month he was gone and it sucks because he will never come back. Me never getting to say goodbye is the hardest thing ever knowing that I never got to say goodbye to him before he had left us all.
When he had left us all it hurt me a little more then usual because I never got to say goodbye. I know that we are all gana miss him no matter what year it is or how long its been he will always be in all of our hearts. I think saying goodbye to him would be the hardest thing ever to do.

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