November 7, 2011
By musicbellingham BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
musicbellingham BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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My parents and I were watching a program highlighting the tragedies of 9/11 and how it affected our country. It showed the Twin Towers being rebuilt from their demolished previous selves and what people were doing to take this event and make something better of it. I’m trying not to focus on the obvious tragedies of it, but trying to see the bright side. I know this is a touchy subject for everyone. But after seeing that show it made me feel that what they are doing now to help our country is so great and that maybe in some ways 9/11 wasn’t that bad. Our country is benefitting off of what happened like by making security better as well as building the new Twin Towers in a much safer and functional way.
The new airline security is one new thing. It may be a hassle to go through all the lines and them checking your bags and that you are only allowed liquid in little bottles, etc. But see now people can't bring bombs on planes because of what happened during 9/11. Along with airlines being more protective buildings are being built much safer.
During 9/11 planes being flown by terrorists where flown into the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers, as well as many surrounding buildings. The building at first didn't fall so people where evacuated. After about an hour the Twin Towers fell and collapsed, killing thousands of victims stuck in the building hallways, and stairways. Today in 2011 the Twin Towers are being rebuilt but with a much better design. These new buildings have larger hallways so evacuation will be quicker and save more lives. These new buildings are also being built stronger so they can support more impacts and weight. If 9/11 didn't happen these new buildings and new building techniques never would have been made and we could never be prepared for anything like this if it ever happened again.
Today in America we are becoming more prepared and becoming more aware of what can happen in the world. Just because we are in America doesn't mean bad things can't happen to us. It doesn't mean good things can't happen to us either. We are becoming a safer, well built place that will save many more lives in the future because of what happened. So maybe 9/11 wasn't that bad.

The author's comments:
My language arts teacher told us to write one day about something that could be seen as something good. I thought of 9/11. Even bad things can be seen in a good way.

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