October 26, 2011
By Boysenberry BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
Boysenberry BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
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Violence has shaped human history in many ways, it has taken the lives of many in the ironic process of creating more, perhaps the most perplexing thing about humans. Violence has been done by the strong and brave, the weak and scared, and the evil and hateful. This essay will dive into the human nature that is violence, the very essence of humankind’s shape.

Let’s first take a look at the human history of violence. The first thing you may think of when it comes to violence is war. War is the main outline of the human race. If you look at almost any civilization, conquests and land has been gained by one soul thing, war. War is the reason Americans own this land today, war is the reason of the Hiroshima bombing leading to millions of casualties, war is the reason of many unintended deaths. The most pathetic thing about war is some countries hunger for it. It seemed like George W. Bush craved war and invaded from absolutely no evidence of weaponized lethal technology, and yet he risks thousands of American lives. Why does violence cloud the minds of those who seek it?

Are we born with the instinct of being ready to kill one of our own? Is this the main reason of violence among us? Are we intended to kill others who defy our main motives as a country? It seems like it is so, for if you look at the colonial period of America, we killed the natives in our way of building on their land. We might have had some documents saying the land was ours, but how much is a piece of paper worth to a native that has been living there his/her whole entire life. And the what do we do when they don’t cooperate? We kill them, we slaughter the heck out of them, and for what right?

As you can see, violence is a stain on humanity’s stature, it bloodies the very soul of the human appearance. We rely on violence as a main motive, and that is seemingly unchangeable. The world is crazy, and people do the wrong things at the wrong times, and that’s how it has been, and will be.

The author's comments:
This peice looks at the cruel realization of how violence is part of humanity and society.

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