Feedback to "Ban Immoral Rhetoric"

October 26, 2011
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It is not our job to judge people; it’s God’s job. Some people don’t understand that and just go off and decide that they can do what they want no matter how bad they hurt someone. That’s what Phil explains in his passage. Due to the actions made by Westboro Baptist Church, many hearts of family and friends have been broken. Soldiers who risk their lives are getting upheavals of protests at their funerals form this church due to their homosexuality. Phil does not think this is the right action. They are pretty much thanking God for the person who killed the soldier.

Issued in October 11, Phil Golodetz submitted an article “Ban Immoral Rhetoric” to Teen Ink to try and get through people’s minds that Westboro Baptist Church’s protest are quite ridiculous. When soldiers die, it’s expected that they get a peaceful ceremony for others to pay their respect and give thanks for what they did for America. That’s just the opposite that this church is doing. I am not on Westboro Baptist’s side at all. Honestly, it was their choice to let people know their homosexuality, and they’re not given the respect in return for that? These protests need to have an end put to them. It is disrespect to the soldier, the family and friends, and God. I think that this church is taking it a little too far, pushing everyone to be on his or her side against being gay. I am very surprised that a church started the protests. I mean you’re suppose to believe in God and know he is the only one to judge someone; obviously, they didn’t do that very well. More people need to step up to help stop this church to prevent them from ruining people’s lives and disrespecting our soldiers.

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