My knight in shining armor

October 26, 2011
By AmberN BRONZE, Knightdale, North Carolina
AmberN BRONZE, Knightdale, North Carolina
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Have you ever heard people say “I don’t judge.”? Well, that’s a very big lie when it comes to many people in America, everyone judges, everyone makes some kind of assumption on someone when they first meet them that’s just how we are. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard my “friends” or family (if I can call them that) say they don’t judge people, but it was amazing how many of them seemed to disappear when they heard of my most recent adventure I took on.

No it’s nothing dangerous and it can’t really kill me, so why did they suddenly walk away? Because I fell in love; it sounds simple right? “Oh, well if she fell in love obviously the boy is nice right?” well there’s just one itty bitty little thing about this boy, he’s black, and I’m considered white (I’m actually mixed with Bohemian and Indian) the boy is nice, he is actually my only support I have at the moment.

Being in an interracial relationship has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I’ve been blind to my whole life, even my parents seem to dislike the fact that I have fallen deeply, madly, in love with a colored boy! And I’ve gotten to the point that I just don’t care anymore what my parents think of me. As for my friends all I can say is, they lost a really good friend because of their judgments made on me for being engaged to a colored boy.

It may not be a sight very often seen, for an interracial couple to be walking down High school halls, but I’m done with the being like everyone else, many people don’t see that sometimes being different is exciting. I think that many of the Disney cartoons play a part in this, as a child did you ever see any of the princesses marry out of their racial group? No, this leads children to believe that they too must be like a princess, and stay within a boundary not there.

I love my boyfriend, he’s my hero. He stands up for me when everyone else watches me get beat down, he protects me when others become violent, to him my safety and well being come first. I always ask myself “why me? What have I done to deserve a man like him??” and almost every second of every day, he gives me a new reason to feel this way. He is truly special, and most people don’t see that what we have is real, it has nothing to do with sex (I’m still happily a virgin, thank you) or the “props” I get for being with a black boy, cause the props don’t matter to me I love him for who he is, not what’s in his pants. Malik has always been there for me, I’ve done a lot of s*** in my past that I’m not too happy about, but this story isn’t about me, it’s about him, and us, and how we handle being together with all the different things that are done to us.

Malik may seem like a bad ass to a person’s eye, but in reality he is the sweetest, most caring guy I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that. When we fight and he stops texting, only 5 minutes later, he’s texts me just to make sure I’m okay.

I remember clearly, the winter of 2010, I got in a fight with my parents, then Malik and I began arguing and I let the anger get the best of me, which led to a two and half inch gash down my side, spilling my blood onto fresh white snow, I laid there on the ground for two hours before my dad and took me to the hospital, and within those two hours only one person crossed my mind, can you guess? Malik, every moment we spent together went through my mind, like a movie on replay as I watched everything happen. I knew what I had done was stupid, and yes Malik was pissed the next day when he found out how I spent my night, but he was worried most about why I did it, the fight ended then, we both had a better understanding of what the other was feeling, and thanks to him I had a full recovery with no scar to show the wound that was once there.

See race shouldn’t matter when you fall in love, cause when you do it’ll be the best thing that happens to you. All that matters is that, the love between them two are mutual, and you both feel the same way. Malik is my hero, he’s saved me many times, whether he wants to admit it or not and I know he will always be there for me when I need him. Now I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t felt like the relationship wouldn’t last, because there’ve been times when I truly thought it would end, but together we pulled through the tough times. I don’t care that my family judges me for wanting to marry him, I don’t care the “friends” I had left, cause if they truly cared they would all stand beside me and encourage me, instead of degrading and hurting me. I’ve learned the hard way that letting others control you and your decisions will lead you down the wrong path, I’m not going to let what others say cloud the feelings I have for my future husband, I’m going to prove them all wrong.

I may be only 17 but I’m no normal 17 year old girl, I grew up fast, and early. By six I was taking care of myself and helping myself, I’m independent, and I always have been. But now, I don’t feel like the whole world is crushing my shoulders. I have someone that I can go to and talk to; I can run up crying and know his arms will be open for me to fall into for comfort and support. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he doesn’t tell me he likes something if he really thinks its crap. Malik has done so much for me, and it means a lot that he does it. He’s not only taken care of me as a boyfriend, but as a parent as well, he’s fed me, clothed me (literally) and made sure that I wasn’t sick, and if I was, he was the first to aid me. I can’t put into words the love I have for this boy.
He’s everything to me, he’s my future, and my present, and if I knew him in the past, he would be that to. If anyone ever tries to hurt him, I will be the first to protect him; I would give my life for this boy and not think twice about it.

He’s given me more than my fair share of love and he keeps giving me more, I’m like a spoiled child getting candy everyday from him, and I love the ways he can make me feel, because I know the feelings we have are real. Malik understands me, better than anyone else in my life; he knows exactly how to handle the emotional times and knows what to do to make me smile. I know he will always have my back, thick and thin he would stand beside me.

Having a happily ever after, isn’t easy to make but the work you put into it is really worth it in the end. A lot of people may stare, or make rude remarks, but I wouldn’t give up this boy for anything. I love him and that’s all I can say. He’s my knight in shining armor every single day.

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