One Day Love Will Find Me

October 25, 2011
By nsn_495 GOLD, Manteca, California
nsn_495 GOLD, Manteca, California
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Never frown, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile(:

I want to know... Is it possible to be loved for who you are? Or must we go on changing ourselves? Because for once I don't want to have to do a thing. I want someone to see me for everything that I am. I don't want to have to hide anymore. I am sick of changing for others. I want to be me for crying out loud! I want a boy who looks at me and sees everything he ever wanted. I want to feel beautiful in my own skin. I need someone who loves all of me. Holding nothing back.
I want love.
Love is what I think about before I fall asleep. It's in my dreams and remains in my head as I wake. I crave love as one may crave chocolate, or ice cream. When I find love I'll know it. And the feeling will be like nothing else I have experienced. For once in my life I will be me and be LOVED for it. No more will I pretend. No more will I strive for perfection Because when I find my one true love, he will accept me because of my faults. In his eyes I will be perfect. And in that moment, nothing else will matter. The opinions of others will be tossed aside. One day I will find happiness... As long as I keep believing that love exisst. It's somewhere out there, I just know it. I can only pray it finds me sooner. I'm longing for the day... That day comes closer and closer with each passing hour. Oh Love, please come quick! I'll be here waiting...

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