Harmony, Rather than Unity

October 25, 2011
By Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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This world has ventured into a highly diverse society causing disruption in the harmony of religions. Starting in 1893, at the Parliament of World Religions, the eastern and western worlds met in Chicago, Illinois, to discuss the principles of the various different faiths. This was considered to be an unfathomable event at the time. What is unique and interesting about this, is that that this great parliament did not seek unity, but rather harmony. Unity would bring on a central theme, which would eliminate the uniqueness of each culture. Thus, the harmony of many philosophical standings would indeed be hard to initiate, but it is necessary for a structured and tranquil world.

Even the melodic flow of lubricating oil in a machine needs replacement periodically for maximum performance. Likewise, the interdependence of independent religions need to fluidly coordinate, without interference, in the qualities and principles of the distinct beliefs. However, such exquisite harmony should be one that is not followed blindly, but rather frequently stabilized. Hence, just like water flows along in the midst of a shallow stream, without interference, we must instill such qualities in our world.

One of the most controversial applications of unity that blindly obliterates the concept of harmony, seems to be the concept of Communism. This theory, or governmental form, takes unity to the extreme. The absence of socioeconomic classes leaves no options for the people, other than to wander with unexpressed minds. This ruthless implementation of order compares similarly to the establishment of a utopia, a conflict-free world, leaving the people like emotionless stones. Everything should be thought of in a realistic way, even conflict. Nothing can be absolute in reality; even serenity will turn against you.

Consequently, we must not seek the diffusion of many cultures into one, but rather search for a state of equanimity. For a pristine, cooperative environment, we must control our selves to fit into the ultimate world. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” - Siddhartha Gautama

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