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October 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Girls are very judgmental of themselves and others as well! It bothers me when I’m walking down the halls of school and I hear a girl say, “Why am I so ugly?” or even, “Eew! Look what she is wearing! Oh my gosh, that’s so out of style!” Why can’t people stop and think, would they say it to the other girls face? Or even better, would you want someone saying it to your face? People always talk about beauty, and if your not pretty then no one likes you. That’s not the case though.

Everyone is pretty! There may be different types of pretty though! There is the girl who is a goddess, she has an amazing body and complexion. Then, there is the girl whose beauty is from the inside as well. People may believe that beauty is only on the outside but it’s not. A girl can be the sweetest most lovable person, but people may say that she is ugly or she has a couple pimples so, eew you can’t date her.

God made everyone equal…everyone knows that saying! So, why do people still go around judging people? If everyone is equal, then you treat people the same. You would think that the older adults would encourage people to believe in equality among humans, but they don’t.

In songs, male singers talk about their true love but she always is the perfect woman. You never hear Lil’ Wayne or Jason Derulo singing about average girls! It’s always about the pretty girls, “There’s a lot of pretty girls in this city…” This just shows how judgmental guys can be!

This may be a short way of saying, “Hey! Look around! Not everyone is beautiful on the outside but everyone is beautiful on the inside,” but it serves a purpose. Hopefully, whoever reads this can get something out of it. Just remember…everyone is equal.

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