Harry Potter: Is It really the Devil?

November 2, 2011
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My favorite movie/book series of all time is Harry Potter. These movies are amazing in the storyline, drama, action, and in some, romance. But some children who are believers in Christ are restricted from watching these movies because of the darkness of Lord Voldemort and how it relates to how the devil will try to take over your life, such as what he did to the boy wizard. But is it all bad? After a lot of thinking I've noticed that several sci-fi books have relations to the Bible. If you're a Christian, then you'll understand what I'm about to say. In Harry Potter, Harry is well-known across the wizard realm for being the boy who lived from an attack from Voldemort. The reason Harry survived was because of the love of his parents, who bore the wrath of the Dark Lord to save their child. Sound familiar? God sent his only son to take the pain for us and died on the cross. Just like Harry's parents did for him, God did for us. In the book that was created into a movie by C.S Lewis, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” the creatures and people of Narnia needed to be saved from the evil queen, who wanted all power over Narnia. But the one thing that came up and saved Edmund and the rest of Narnia was the almighty Aslan, who gave his own life to save others. The day after Aslan was killed, Lucy and Susan saw that the lion had come back from the dead to protect the people of Narnia. Aslan was like Jesus because he gave up his life to save others who needed it more than he, and after he was crucified, he came back from the dead and saved all others. Jesus cleaned our lives from sin and Aslan cleaned Narnia from evil. C.S Lewis is a christian so I guess she wanted to add some of her religious beliefs into her story. So recapping, most stories in which kids are banned from watching because it relates to the devil, remember that for every villain, there's a hero.

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