Studying Before a Test or a Quiz Will Benefit You!

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I had friends that used to tell me, “If you do not study you will eventually pass your test or quiz only because you’re not cramming everything together” I thought those who told me not to study were right, because then I wasn’t cramming everything. A few did pass, but some did fail. I say, people are different and they memorize things based on how it works for them. Once I started listening to those who actually spent time studying, it benefitted me really well because I started passing not only my quizzes, but my classes as well.

Have you been given a date of a test or a quiz before? Great! Keep the date and study. Studying with friends and family is a good way to pump up the fun because you can have multiple ways of studying and probably make it more challenging for yourself. The quiz or test will affect your grade so always be prepared. In other words; study if you have free time before the class the quiz will be taken in. If you only study right before the quiz you’re just cramming, trying to remember everything at once. When you have the opportunity to retake the quiz, study and try to pass it the second time. One learning experience I had been through was when I did not study, I did not know as would’ve if I had studied. I was only remembering what I had learned in class. This experience taught me that studying is important because I will eventually know and remember more when I take a quiz or a test; therefore my school grade will improve as well.

In conclusion, studying will prove the fact that I’m really trying. Having a quiz
est returned back to me with a passing grade is a satisfaction to me!

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