October 28, 2011
I can think about a million things that make me happy. Love isn’t one of them. When the thought of being in love is in your mind you look forward to it, but once you fall in love you regret it. Let me explain. When you don’t have a guy you only worry about what you’re going to be doing, when you’re with him you have to wonder what he will be doing. When you give everything to someone and feel empty, you made a mistake. Love is often disappointing. When the one you feel love toward treats you so well you have to wonder why he isn’t with someone better, someone besides you. Love comes in many shapes and forms and one of them is jealously. When you get jealous because he looks at another girl, you’re insecure. You should check to see if you’re with him out of want or out of self-esteem issues. True love is rare. When you can watch him leave and know he’ll come back to you with a glint in his eyes that means he missed you, that’s love. When you can trust him alone with a beautiful girl, that’s love, when you know without a doubt he loves you back and you can’t imagine being separated, that’s love. True love doesn’t exist. Only love exists. You can love who you’re with without it being true. Love is to pass time or to make one feel good about finding someone who could stand them. If there was true love, it would wait…that’s not what he will say though. He’ll tell you he loves you, you’re the one, and fill your head full of crap. And being caught off guard you will tell him yes. After that, you’ll feel the need for him to be around. Oh but he won’t be. Only when he wants something will he appear to say how beautiful you are. You will be always left with this empty feeling from giving and watching him take. When you get to deep you forget who you are and remember the lonely and that is why you stay. With so many kinds of love it’s best to avoid it completely. I can think about a million things that make me happy, and love will never be one.

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