My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy

October 28, 2011
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My Top Ten Favorite Halloween Candy
1.3 Musketeers®- an extremely sweet chocolate bar made from purely nougat and liquid chocolate.
2.Butterfingerr®- a delicious compound of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butterer.
3.Twix®- an amazing wafer, coated with caramel and milk chocolate.
4.Crunch®- a very simple chocolate bar, made with milk chocolate and crisped rice.
5.Hershey Bars®- a popular bar, purely made of milk chocolate.
6.Mounds®- a bar of coconut shreds, dipped into sweet chocolate.
7.Nerds rope®- a gummy string, covered in nerds candy.
8.Lemonheads®- a basic jawbreaker, with lemon flavoring.
9.Snickers®- a bar made from peanut nougat, caramel, roasted peanuts, and chocolate.
10.Milky Way®- a bar made from chocolate malt-nougat, caramel, and of course, milk chocolate.

What makes Halloween candy good? Well, there are many characteristics to a “good Halloween candy.” Such as, whether it is a chocolate bar or a sucker, how healthy it is, the ingredients, or even who it is made by!

I, too, used some of these preferences. For example, I love chocolate, as you can tell. Almost every single candy on my list is some sort of chocolate. Also, I’m a huge fan of Hershey®. Once again, many candies on my list are made by Hershey®.

But, other people have different opinions. For example, Grant said

“I choose my candy by how sweet it is.”

David said

“I choose my candy by how much sugar they have!”

So, as we know, many people have many preferences to their candy on Halloween. You’ve heard why many people chose their favorite candy, what’s your favorite?

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