My Top 10 of Halloween

October 28, 2011
By Tnarg Giarc BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
Tnarg Giarc BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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In this article I am going to tell you my top 10 things to do during Halloween. Some of these things I have been doing for years others I just do for the heck of it.
The number 1 thing I love to do is scaring random kids. You may think “how mean” well you might be right but it’s all in good fun. The best place to do this is near the door of your house they will think you’re a decoration but really they don’t know what hit them. There sitting there knocking on the door then all of a sudden they pee their pants cause they weren’t expecting you there (it never gets old).
The second think I love about Halloween is the candy. Halloween is where I get most of the year’s candy. Until I get sick of it a week later, but it taste so good.
The third think is carving pumpkins. Every year we have a competition on who has the best pumpkin design (I usually win). Sometimes I lose to my mom. We get really creative and competitive with our work.
The forth thing that is fun is decorating for trick “er” treaters. It’s so fun, although not so fun taking all of it down the next day. It seems harder to take down than to put up because you have to fold and fit every little thing back into the box.
The fifth thing is making malt cider basically its apple juice warmed up with spices added to it, it’s so good. We use a crock pot to heat and cook it in.
Six, handing out candy is fun to its just not as exciting. Get to see the costumes some I’m impressed with.
The seventh most fun thing is just hanging out with family and friends. You can either have the most or the least fun with them but mostly you have a good time.
The eighth thing is taking my little cousins’ trick “er” treating, they love it and it makes me feel like I’ve done a good deed.
Nine, pulling pranks on my family like scaring them or acting stupid near random people. They get confused sometime its classic.
The last thing on my list is entertaining myself when I get bored, at this point I come up with some crazy things on how to keep myself busy.
I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween top 10. These things mean so much to me if I didn’t do them every year I probably feel like a failure. So I will see you all next time.
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My top 10 of Halloween

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