October 28, 2011
By shifter BRONZE, Bedford,ky, Kentucky
shifter BRONZE, Bedford,ky, Kentucky
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How to get good ideas
Rap is mostly about your life, what happed and your neighborhood, drugs, drug bust, killing in drug related drive byes, cars like low-riders, pimped up cars, and all that good and bad stuff like ladies that are sexy. That’s how the great’s rappers come up with most of their raps and get big hits off of them. So if you’re in your hood and have time to look around, you might find something that will give you an idea for a song, like the neighbors screaming, or threats/bully /drive-byes and things like that. So if you’re in a great mood that when you make most of your hits. Rap is not just about money; it’s about telling your life story and having people buy it but rap is not just about that rap is about a lot of stuff; it can be about someone killing one of your friends, about your homies, or about your girlfriend/friends.
How to write lyrics
Rap is a cool thing to do. It the one thing that really helps you express yourself but you just can’t put words down on paper you have to make them rhyme. So it sounds good and awesome or you won’t get a hit song/album.
So before you put it down on paper, think what you are going to rap and then put it down. That way it will sound awesome/good and if you decide to video yourself and post it on face book/YouTube you won’t look crazy and won’t make a fool of yourself so that way you can get signed and become famous but some rappers are good and still don’t get signed sometimes you won’t because another better rapper jumps in front and takes it away and that is what rap is usually about.

How rap can sometimes come to you
Rap is a passion and, most of the time, a talent, it just depends on who you are and if it is in your blood or not, but sometimes you can just pick it up.

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