The Edge

October 28, 2011
By k.wood BRONZE, Dummerston, Vermont
k.wood BRONZE, Dummerston, Vermont
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Just beyond the edge of the woods, another world goes on. Animals that you can not see live and wander while vegetation thrives. Dark shapes are silhouetted from the light shining through the trees, but you can’t completely make out what is there. Shadows dance along the edge. I wonder what goes on back there, back where I can not see. You think you see something, but then you don’t. In the dim light my eyes play tricks on me. Shadows move in the dark, just beyond the edge. Cute fuzzy squirrel? Fluffy bunny? Or big bad wolf, waiting to pounce and devour me once I look away? Better keep staring into the woods, you never know what could happen if you look away.

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