What is the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

October 28, 2011
By makayla gardner BRONZE, Bedfored, Kentucky
makayla gardner BRONZE, Bedfored, Kentucky
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Occupy Wall Street Movement is a people powered movement. Which in mid- September in New York City and has now spread worldwide, they are protesting against the economic struggles that face future Americans. They say that American politics went into overtime according to www.Occupy Wallst.org. The people that are participating in the Movement have stayed put despite authority or people that disapprove of what they are doing. The participants have been living in the park near Wall Street; there commitment shows how unselfish they are. There trying to get some economic struggles fixed. Because the Occupy Wall Street has so many followers, they are protesting but not in a violent way. The movement I think has no intention of stopping any time soon. Till there is a compromise or a solution to the problem at hand. Hopefully there will be a positive solution to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. There may be problems in the world and the economy but there is no need to pursue them in a violent way problems can be solved with a positive solution. The mistreatment of others will not be tolerated.





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