The Turqoise Sparkle

October 22, 2011
By LindseyC22 BRONZE, Wappingers Falls, New York
LindseyC22 BRONZE, Wappingers Falls, New York
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“Remember, you can catch butterflies, but you must set them free, lest one is sure to die, and the other will be terribly lonely. What goes around comes around!” Grandma’s voice echoed in the distance as the two girls pranced away in childish reverie.

The crisp spring air was the perfect complement to the picturesque array of colorful young blossoms. The cool muddy earth sank beneath the young girls’ bare feet as they playfully skipped through the garden. Anna and Eliza’s angelic blonde hair and pleated cotton dresses rippled in the wind as they swung butterfly nets high above their heads. Suddenly, Anna spotted two extraordinary flickers of turquoise from the corner of her eye. She swung her net at the prize with the finesse of a double-Dutch jump-roper, giggling in satisfaction as she shook the butterfly into a jar.
“Look, sis! I caught one!” she gleefully exclaimed.
Eliza rolled her eyes disdainfully, “I bet I can catch the other just as easily. Just watch!”
Eliza left her sister behind as she snatched the jar, darting after the soaring turquoise glimmer. Waving her net wildly, she demolished the vegetable garden, slashed all the vines in her path, and trudged through the delicate flowerbed in pursuit of her prize. The sky had turned ominous by the time disgraced Eliza decided to give up the quest and confess her failure to her sister.
“Anna!” she hysterically called, as she frantically scanned the extirpated garden for a white cotton dress. But Anna was nowhere to be found; she was gone forever. Shuddering in fear, Eliza glanced down at the glass jar. The formerly exquisite butterfly was lifeless, withered and gray. Her heart sank in lachrymose sorrow as only one extraordinarily lonesome turquoise sparkle flashed in the corner of her eye.

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