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October 18, 2011
By singer12345 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
singer12345 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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Every time someone talks about McDonald’s, I hear an “Ew,” from every student in my class. At first, I was the same way too, completely not satisfied with their fat, greasy, lunch options. But, now I say that if you want to eat healthy, McDonald’s could be an option.

I’m not saying their Big Macs are the healthiest things on the planet, oh no. The french fries should be considered as something eaten every day, obviously because constantly consuming things fried in heavy quarts of grease and sprinkled on top with pounds of salt may not be the best idea on the planet. One of our country’s main goals is to fight obesity. Several humans bring on the fat due to stress, and nothing beats stress like fries, cheeseburgers, and a malt! McDonald’s has finally caught on. Ever since the press broke into the heart of McDonald’s and found bones in Chicken McNuggets, they have obviously been searching for a way to fight the problem of fat and grease.

On their international website, McDonald’s has made a pledge to serve healthier meals. They now have salads, extremely delicious looking smoothies, and chicken wraps that are much better options. Although they will probably never drop their world-famous burgers, we can all learn what the word “moderation” means and strive to choose healthier meals

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