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October 13, 2011
By Barbieee BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Barbieee BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Did you know most girls wear tracks? Sometimes they wear it because they don’t have nothing to do with their hair or just don’t know how to keep it up. A lot of girls like short or long hair. Most like curly or straight hair.

The best of kind of tracks to get is straight hair. It lost longer than curly hair. Curly hair gets tangles up and nappy fast. Well some people can keep up with it some can’t.

Tracks come in all kinds of styles like long, short, colors, bushy, curly, straight, and wavy. You can even use tracks to braid hair. All you have to do is cut the track part at the top and use it as braiding hair.

You can have different hair styles like sew in, glue in. Some prefer sew in better than glue ins. Sew in are hard to do. You have to braid your hair into a circle. Then get the needle and thread. Sew the tracks in like your sewing clothes. Glue ins are very much easier than sew ins you only putting gel and pump it up on your hair to make it hard and so the glue can stick. Whens its finished drying then start cutting pieces of track hair, Put track glue onto the track lines then press the track line against your hair and blow dry it

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