Fashion for the Season

October 13, 2011
By , harvey, LA
Fashion is my passion but not for everyone. In my essay I’m going to tell you about fashion for winter, summer, and fall. Hold on to your hats cause winters coming up first.

Winter fashion is very simple but not to simple. You think you just put on some pants and a jacket and walk out the door. No you get your favorite pair of jeans and a nice long sleeve shirt. Then go find you a cute thin thick jacket . one thing you must never do is get a ugly pair of boots and a big old jacket. If your that cold go get a jocks jacket cause I don’t want to see it.

Summer is the month you can never go wrong with fashion. You get to show your wonderful body with your short shorts. Now for the summer you might be able to just put anything on. Cause summer is just when you have fun nobody cares but if someone do. Make shore you have on cute clothes and not to much jewelry just a ring and some earrings.

Fall I love it you can rock your heels until you die. Most of the time you where soft colors like yellow, green ,brown, and orange etc. now you where your pretty blue jeans and your pretty shirt long or short sleeve. Most importantly you where your high heels. You where this with some simple jewelry you’ll be cute.

In conclusion you’ll know how to dress for these seasons. Fashion is important so dress for you best because fashion is here and it’s not going any where.

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