The Regrets That Comes With Love

October 16, 2011
By Kelsieann22 BRONZE, Dickinson, Texas
Kelsieann22 BRONZE, Dickinson, Texas
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The way you meet someone is the way you meet someone is the way you push someone away. You judge them by the way the dress. The way they act or even maybe the way they talk. You look at them as if you were looking through a microscope discovering every little flaw from the past. What if you look at someone from a skyscraper? They would look as if nothing were wrong.

You ask me if you could sit with me at the lunch table. I laughed and my other friends talked about you the entire time spreading rumors to other tables. You would look at me as if you were in pain. I would look at you in class with tears in your eyes. When the bell would ring you would be the last one to leave and the first one to class. The girls from my lunch table would slam your books on the floor making you tardy to class. When the last bell would release to go home she became scared, frightened, inching toward the bus. When the bus came to a complete stop you stepped of the bus. You saw you dad standing on your porch with a half empty beer in his hand. You began to approach the porch when the wind starts to pick up shuffling and tossing around my long blonde hair making more tangled than it was before. When you reached the porch you dad cursed you out because you didn’t make him dinner the night before. Your dad shoved you into the door frame onto the cold hard floor making you have multiple bruises. As the hours passed you cried while you dad slept on the couch. You went to his room and in the bottom drawer you grabbed his gun. As you sat there on the bedroom floor, you wrote him a letter.

“Dad, I’m sorry for you because now you have to live with the regret on knowing you did wrong. I am going to a better place now. Every night you drank your life away instead of feeding me or making sure I had everything I needed. Can just be another thought that runs trough your mind. You would stumble into the gym for an award ceremony and leave before they called my name. All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me. I hate you for what you did to me but I will always love you unconditionally.”

After she was done she picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. She took her own life because she didn’t feel accepted. She didn’t feel like she belonged. If I gave her the time of day or told her she could sit with me. Maybe things would be different. I stood there and watched all of this happen and I didn’t say anything. I don’t want to know I was just another bystander waiting for someone else to do the dirty work for me and wait for the easy stuff to come along. So don’t wait like I did and stand up for what you know is wrong.

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