Up Close and Personal

October 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Dogs,dogs,dogs. A lot of people love them, but they don't like certain breeds. I'm here to tell you the truth about Pit-Bulls.
Pit-Bulls have a bad reputation. Their known for attacking and killing. But barely anyone sees them as sweet and loving animals. It's a proven fact that any breed of dog is not naturally mean, and that includes Pit-Bulls. Pit-Bulls aren't naturally mean, they are raised to be mean. Just because they have a bad background doesn't mean their bad animals. I happen to own two purebred Pit-Bulls and their the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. It really kills me to know that some people want come to my house because I own Pit-bulls. Their just like any other dog. They may look different on the outside, but their the same on the inside. I really hope this article has changed people's attitude towards Pit-Bulls. Thank you for reading my article.

The author's comments:
It tells the truth about Pit-Bulls and the way they are.

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