October 15, 2011
By Mye.Lin SILVER, Toronto, Ohio
Mye.Lin SILVER, Toronto, Ohio
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Why do we as a society obsess over death? Why are funerals all black? Why is it something to be mourned and wept over instead of laughter and celebration like in births?

Is it the nature of death to be sad? I don't think so. Death is simply another transition. Kinda like puberty, except into the afterlife and without the endearments of adolescence. We're just afraid of death because it's not certain what's after it. It's a perceived departure from Earth, when really it's the arrival in disguise. Really, it's both. Like many other concepts, death is ambiguous. Also, we're living in fear of being forgotten, and the unknown and numerous others, which basically derives living of life. It's not as much living as it is existing.

I mean, if it was an accidental death of someone too young, then that's pretty tragic, the years they could have seen pass. But if it's someone old, shouldn't you be rejoicing how long they've lived instead of having that perpetual the 'grass on the other side is greener' attitude? We just want what we can't have.

Death is another adventure too. If death were personified, I imagine it not to be the Grim Reaper, but an archangel, beautiful and elegant. Let's make her clad in white. She's eternal and unwavering, impartial and wise. Somewhat similar to her friend Time. Life personified is an archangel too, clad in white. She is childish, spoiled, unfair and favoring in nature, sporadic yet radiant. She grants existence only to a selected few, but Death comes to everybody sometime. Death is constant, a certainty.

I'm even going as far to say Death gave birth to life. It makes sense. If the ultimate something came from nothing, then life should come from death.

Death herself shouldn't be scary. The fear is just of fear. Death just happens. It's a part of life and shouldn't be dramatized. Of course you will be sad when someone close to you dies. No it is not the end of your world or their world. More like a beginning of their world and a new awakening of yours. No you should not be morbid. Again, Death will come for you in time. That is not yours to dictate by committing suicide. Apathy of your own death would just be selfish.

When someone dies, celebrate in the name of them. Compared to ancient or outlandish culture like in Greece when they put coins in your mouth for the ferryman or in Egypt where they mummify you, our society has some mistaken beliefs about death.

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