October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever heard of the old saying the cake is a lie? Well the same goes with the government they are nothing but a bunch of lazy and lying people who have misuses the power of the states for years, plus only use the power of military/police to guard their fears.

What do I mean is that ever since after the murdered Osama the governors of the U.S. have been over using their power and using military uses for unneeded problems that have been avoided after 9/11.By anybody who is crossing the border whether it’s your going on vacation or see relatives like Canada the thing is that people who are using by buses or cars can stopped by the police that can pull you over.

Also the can take you stuff and keep them when ever they want even though you can show them that it’s not terrorist based equipment the police still have the right to keep it forever. Next is why the plans of the president of the United States have not been in action for years? Because probably all the paper pushing the government have been given him. The whole time the president really is but a puppet to the government to use for a play for us. They don’t care what idea is given all they care is the taxes money they are getting from us.
My thoughts is that the government just giving us food coupons is just enough to give us the community and those who worked hard for a break to spend time with their family that they need, want, and rightly deserve. Plus they need to do is stop us Obama as their shield for the mistakes they caused. Last is that they need fix every thing that they caused and not the president.

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