How to Wash Your Hair With Dye

October 13, 2011
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My essay is about how to wash your hair with dye. The materials you are going to need are: shampoo, conditionor, hair dye, shower cap, towel, and two latex gloves. With these materials you should be ready to wash your hair.

First you would need to find a color you want to put in your hair. Then you need to find somewhere to wash your hair. When you have done all that you can start washing your hair. You have to gather all your materials listed above. Then you start your water at the temperature you feel is more comfortable for you. Then you should drench your hair in the water. After that you need to put enough shampoo to fit the palm of your hand. You then massage you hair with shampoo. You will rinse and repeat about three or four times.

After you have rinsed and repeated you then put on your two latex gloves. Then you take your dye and poor it very slow into your hair. Then you rub your hair to spread the dye. You will need to do this for about five minutes. Now you are ready to put on your shower cap, and don’t forget to make shore all of your hair is in the shower cap. You are going to let the dye sit in your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Now that you have let the dye sit it is time to wash it out. Then you take your conditioner and put enough to fit the palm of your hand. Then you will massage the conditioner through your hair. Now you are ready to comb through your hair with the conditioner in it. Now you are ready to rinse. You can then dry your hair with a towel.

I would suggest while you are putting the dye in your hair that you would wear a towel around your neck because the dye would drip. Also while you are combing your hair it would be better if you use a wide tooth comb. If you are getting a relaxer it would best to wait to put the hair dye in or else your hair will start to fall out, you would have to wait about five weeks.

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